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Nikki City Cycle Trading Company

Nikki City Cycle Trading Company

Importers & Wholesalers of Nikki Brand Bycles & Tricycles,Baby Walkers,children cars,Toys,Baby strollers,Ride on Cars and Home.

Address: No:10,Front Street, Colombo 11,Sri lanka.

Tel : +94112382182

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Portable Game Player
Portable Game Player Purchase portable game player from ..
LKR8,400.00 LKR6,000.00
PVP Pocket Light
PVP Pocket Light Purchase PVP pocket lightfrom ..
LKR5,600.00 LKR4,000.00
Remote Control Backhoe
Remote Control Backhoe Purchase remote control backhoe ..
LKR2,600.00 LKR1,850.00
Remote Control Helicopter
Remote Control Helicopter  Purchase remote control helicopter  from ..
LKR5,600.00 LKR4,000.00
Remote Control Helicopter with Camera
Remote Control Helicopter with Camera Purchase remote control helicopter with camera fr..
LKR11,200.00 LKR8,000.00
Remote Control Micro UFO
Remote Control Micro UFO Simple and easy to play. Hovers. Control it with a wave of your h..
LKR1,750.00 LKR1,250.00
Remote Control Parrot
Remote Control Parrot Exclusive and new arrival E-Bird flights with flapping wings like auth..
LKR3,150.00 LKR2,250.00
Remote Control RattleSnake
Remote Control Rattlesnake Provide the scares you want to give your friends and family.  ..
LKR2,100.00 LKR1,500.00
RockStar Acoustic Guitar
RockStar Acoustic Guitar Purchase rock star acoustic guitar from ..
LKR1,120.00 LKR800.00
Scrabble Original
Scrabble Original In this classic word game, players use their seven drawn letter-tiles to form w..
LKR2,100.00 LKR1,500.00
Space Wiser Berserker Robot
Space Wiser Berserker Remote Control Robot Introducing Space Wiser Berserker Electric RC Robot. T..
LKR2,600.00 LKR1,850.00
Spirit Pad
Spirit Pad   The Spirit Pad is a device dedicated to children 4-9 years. The revolutio..
LKR10,500.00 LKR7,500.00
Sprite Can Telephone
Sprite Can Telephone  Dial pad at the bottom. Hang up when put down.  Origina..
LKR1,050.00 LKR750.00
Stuffed Angry Bird
Stuffed Angry Bird Purchase stuffed angry bird  from ..
LKR1,190.00 LKR850.00
Superhero Toy Set
Superhero Toy Set Purchase superhero toy set from ..
LKR1,050.00 LKR750.00
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