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New Fancy Traders

New Fancy Traders

Dealers in China Porcelain Glassware,Wall clock,Home Appliances & All Gift Items Etc...We do Retail and Wholesale .We Except All Credit Cards and We Do Delivery to your door step. And FREE GIFT WRAPPING .

Contact Address:

 NO:09 China Street, Colombo 11, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 077 661 7120

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Kitchen Stand Knife Set NFT 215
Kitchen Stand Knife Set Purchase stainless steel kitchen stand knife set from ..
LKR800.00 LKR650.00
Knife Set NFT 315
 Knife Set Purchase  Knife Sets From ..
LKR950.00 LKR800.00
Large Water Glass NFT  66
Large Water Glass Purchase 6pcs 20 ounce Large Water Glass From ..
LKR600.00 LKR480.00
Large Water Glass NFT  68
Large Water Glass Purchase 6pcs 12 ounce Large Water Glass From ..
LKR450.00 LKR350.00
LG 30 Water Glass NFT 72
LG 30 Water Glass Purchase 12pcs 9ounce LG 30 Water Glass From ..
LKR960.00 LKR840.00
LG 32 Water Glass NFT 69
LG 32 Water Glass Purchase 12pcs 12 ounce LG 32 Water Glass From ..
LKR1,350.00 LKR1,080.00
LG 33 Water Glass NFT 70
LG 33 Water Glass Purchase 12pcs 10ounce LG 33 Water Glass From ..
LKR1,200.00 LKR960.00
Lg27 Liquer Glass NFT 79
Lg27  Liquer Glass Purchase 6 pcs Lg27  Liquer Glass From ..
LKR540.00 LKR420.00
Lg35 Liquer Glass NFT 80
Lg35  Liquer Glass Purchase 6 pcs Lg35  Liquer Glass From ..
LKR540.00 LKR420.00
Lion Star 2L Air Pot NFT
Flask Purchase 2L Hot And Cold Air Pot from Justbuy ..
LKR1,450.00 LKR1,150.00
Liqueur Glass NFT 77
Liqueur Glass Purchase 6 pcs Liquer Glass From ..
LKR550.00 LKR420.00
Mickey Mouse Wrapping Papers
Mickey Mouse Wrapping Papers Purchase 12 pcs Wrapping Paper Pack From ..
LKR240.00 LKR180.00
Mitshu 0.6L Vacuum Flask NFT
Vacuum Flask   Purchase 600ml vacuum flask from ..
LKR600.00 LKR500.00
Mitshu 0.8L Vacuum Flask NFT
Vacuum Flask  Purchase 800ml vacuum flask from ..
LKR700.00 LKR550.00
Mitshu 1.2L Vacuum Flask NFT
Vacuum Flask Purchase 1.2L vacuum flask from Justbuy ..
LKR800.00 LKR650.00
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